Traveling the world

Starting in January 2018, we will dive into a completely new adventure; We (Michelle, Christian and our son Jesah) will travel around the world, leaving our homeland The Netherlands for a while.

We plan to look for more knowledge on Yoga, Martial Arts, Healing, Tantra and life. For this we will travel to India, Japan, New-Sealand and Bali (but it might be that we change our plans completely along the way 🙂

While being anywhere, we will look for schools and centers where we can share our teachings.

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schedule 2018


  • Tai Chi retreat Mumbai January 2018
  • Tai Chi retreat Goa January 2018
  • Seminar during Budo Weekend 'Budowaza' Netherlands
  • Ten Chi Nin: Tai Chi & Martial Arts course France: 21-28 July 2018. Click for Facebook event
  • Pranic Shiatsu intensive course in France: 4-11 August 2018. Click for Facebook event 
Ten Chi Nin

Ten Chi Nin: A combination of Yoga and Martial Arts. 

We work with 9 principles that appear both in Yoga and in Martial Arts. During this class you work on effortless moving and finding stillness. From here you will be able to control yourself, your opponent and the situation.

'Yoga is self defense for the Soul. Its strongest opponent: the Ego...'

Pranic Shiatsu

We offer this treatment where we are:

Pranic Shiatsu Duo Treatment

An unique combination of 2 powerful healing arts: Shiatsu and Pranic Healing!

Michelle (Pranic Healing therapist and instructor) en Christian (Shiatsu therapist and teacher) combine their knowledge and skills in this duo-treatment.

We start with a thorough diagnose of both the physical body and the energy body. Then first the meridians/Nadis are treated, opening up any blockages that might occur. Next the focus is on the energy body: the Chakras and Aura.


The duration of this treatment is 90 minutes.

Interested? Want to make an appointment? Please email us:

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Yoga class

We offer regular classes and personal sessions on different locations. Again, wherever we are we always look for venues to hold our classes. Keep an eye on this website to check our schedule!

We offer:

  • Hatha Yoga basics and advanced
  • Restorative yoga (ideal if you're recovering from illness, injuries or stress)
  • Ten Chi Nin Yoga (yoga & martial arts)
    yoga huiskamer

If you want to sign up, or require more

Tai Chi class and course

Tai Chi Chuan, or Taijiquan is known in the West for its health benefits, img_9637 it originated as a highly effective form of self defense.

The Ten Chi Nin form of Taijiquan tries to keep most of its authenticity, but also focuses on the flow of Qi, the correlation to the chakras and balance in all its facets.



More info about classes and courses:

In this link you can see the form as we train it.

Cursus Shiatsu

Shiatsu is een Japanse vorm van drukpuntmassage. De druk wordt uitgeoefend op de meridianen die door het hele lichaam lopen.

In  deze cursus leer je de belangrijkste meridianen kennen, en hoe ze met de juiste techniek te beïnvloeden. Met deze kennis en kunde ben je in staat een basis behandeling te geven aan vrienden en familie. shiatsu handsVoor een gedegen opleiding verwijzen we je natuurlijk door naar de erkende opleidingen, maar met deze introductie cursus krijg je wellicht voldoende inspiratie om door te gaan…!

De Shiatsu cursus zal op 3 zondag avonden gegeven worden in blokken van 3 uur.

Locatie: Studio Van Hout Landsmeer
Tijd: 18.30 – 21.30 uur
Kosten: € 225,00

Voor deze cursus hoef je geen ervaring te hebben. 
Je leert in 4 lessen hoe een heerlijke ontspannende behandeling te geven aan vrienden en bekenden. Shiatsu helpt goed tegen stress, slapeloosheid, rugklachten, etc.
Het is leuk om je voor deze cursus in te schrijven met een partner, vriend, vriendin, zus of collega!

Voor meer info mail naar: 
Docent: Chris Knibbe