Hi. We have just finished a 3 week trip through parts of Sulawesi, together with our 1-year old boy. The period of travel was march 2018. Since I wanted to know if this was a good idea, beforehand I googled for information about this, but didn’t get much. That’s why I’d like to post this blog about our experiences. Arriving at Makassar Airport First, we travelled from Denpasar Bali to Makassar in Sulawesi. Makassar being

Een beetje laat… maar beter laat dan nooit 😉 (toch even anders met z’on kleine uk) Omdat India alweer zover achter ons ligt en onze laptop het een lange tijd niet deed, begint onze blog ‘hier en nu’ in Indonesië. Na een lange en verre reis, eindelijk de eindbestemming van Indonesië bereikt. Zuid-Oost Sulawesi, Muna Island, hoofdstad Raha, waar Oma Atie Burghardt is geboren. Vanuit Makassar vlogen wij met een klein propeller vliegtuigje naar BauBau

In this post I’d like to talk about a very important, but sometimes neglected principle of Yoga and Martial Arts: stillness and effortlessness. A famous quote from Bruce Lee:” Seek motion in stillness and stillness in motion” Is it possible to move without effort? To sit still without effort? Can you breath effortless? Can you use your mind effortless? Let’s start with the body. When the body is positioned in the centre, when the spine

our first blog

  Hi guys! So, it took me some time to figure out how to actually post a blog…and I guess it works! In this series we will fill you in with everything we experience during our 6 months trip through India, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand. Expanding on the subject of yoga, martial arts and spirituality. We will leave Holland on the 5th January, and first fly to Goa, India. We return there after almost