Hatha Yoga

Yoga means ‘to connect/yoke’ in Sanskrit. There are many ways to explain the meaning of ‘connecting’; connecting the body with the mind, connecting the mind with the soul, connecting with others, connecting to the Here and Now, connecting to the Creator/Atman.IMG_6165

Yoga can also mean ‘ to let go’. Letting go of tension in muscles, in the breath, in the mind, the ego. In physical sense you try to reach the perfect asana, but at the same time you are trying to let go of the ‘doing’.


Yoga Next Door

With our Hatha Yoga classes we try to approach the subject from its most broad and perhaps authentic view. The ‘eightfold path’ as written in Patanjali Yoga Sutra is an important guidance in our teachings.

The classes always exist of asana practice, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.

We both went to India to study with guru Vijay Gopala of Yoga Gita, located in Mysore. As his teachings are truly profound we can only try to explain what was taught to us by our teacher.